Barbara Mosher is an artist who made waves in the automotive business before launching a career as a painter. She Studied Industrial Design comprised of Automotive, Graphic, product, and interior Design and Fine Art, at the Center for Creative Studies, Detroit Michigan. She worked as an Automotive and Graphic designer for GM and is one of the first female Automotive designers at GM.

Mosher has designed logos for philanthropic and political organizations that were used nationally but her passion is abstraction and color. She describes her art as "Abstract works are a reflection of the energy transmitted during the painting process. I use brushes but mostly just use my hands and fingers applying the paint onto the canvas, pulling from the energy of each color. It begins with just a simple color or idea, and mutates because of the energy I am drawing from a source unknown to myself. What many times begins with an idea, totally transforms through my meditative process, while painting. I go to a different place, realm and feel guided by energy that surrounds me on any given day. My mixed media pieces draw from the world around me, a theme, an event or just everyday life."

In her piece "Metampophosis" this elemental change is aptly named and one can feel the energy in her work....transformative...immersive. Just like the age old abstract expressionists who worked to the sound of Jazz music. Mosher's work has this music improvisational aspect to it but yet remains with an element of clandestine design.

It doesn't seemed forced in the same way some abstract artists approach their pieces. A true colorist, the raw shapes and strong colors weave throughout the canvas intelligently and softly without seeming institutional. Escaping the rigid design world where one must follow rules her new found pallet is extremely seductive to the naked eye. Bold colors and radical gestural work dance with seemingly tranquil freedom.

Barbara has taken on her new career in the visual arts very seriously and it shows. There is still, a professional sensibility that she applies to her evocative work, that she had learned all those years ago at GM. One can see a strength and unity of composition in similar modes of Pollock, Rothko and Motherwell. Mosher's works are in permanent collections in Europe, Croatia, British Columbia, Canada, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, and throughout Southern California. She works and resides in San Diego, California.


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