Carolyn O'neill

Carolyn O’Neill has been painting since 2003 and resides in Melbourne, Victoria. Although her preferred medium is painting, she also explores drawing, mixed media collages and sculpture. Her work is abstract in nature with a strong emphasis on design. However her work doesn't fall into the usual pitfalls of design in abstract art, instead the work has a free nature. The drips allow the viewers to fall into a fantasy world of color and abstraction and the outcome is solely individual.

O'neill has an amazing palette that is inviting and calming. Yes, those pieces might go great with your couch but they also have some emotion behind them. Unlike representational work that shows you a landscape and that is pretty much what you get.

Some of the complaints in recent years is that abstract work ends up just being a design concept and the meaning and emotion seems to be missing. Or you get that, "It looks just like wallpaper attitude." Parents often say, "My kid can do that." Just ask yourself how many young Pollocks are out there...? Not many, in fact though you can draw comparison of your kids work to Pollock. Children lack the understanding and depth that Pollock and O'neill has.

I am not saying it can't be done because a few years back I received an email submission from a mother who had quite the talented child who could contend with the big boys. But was the kid painting or were the parents guiding him. Nevertheless it can be done but it is rare. O'neills' work is thought-provoking and real, and yes they will go great with the right kind of room, or just clash the whole place up.



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